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Mooring and Storage Charges 2022/23

Please find below the pricelist for the forthcoming 2022/23 Season.   Prices have been calculated to reward our annual customers by offering them the most economical rates over monthly and visitor rates.  

In addition we have provided payment terms to make it easy to budget for your mooring and storage costs.  Full payment can be made on receipt of invoice or alternatively you can pay in two six-monthly instalments at the beginning of the chargeable year and half way through.  Finally you can pay by monthly standing order for which a 7% payment charge is applicable. Please enquire with us for standing order payment details if you wish to use this service.

Please note that these prices will apply for payments made or payment plans agreed within 28 days of the invoice date.  An additional administration charge will be added to all overdue payments.

Charges for the Period 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2023

Annual Berth Holders (Including mooring and storage but excluding haulage)

100 per metre per annum
Minimum charge - 6 metres

Annual Mudberth

95 per metre per annum

Annual Jetty Mudberth with water and electricity hookup

100 per metre per annum

Monthly Yard Storage

12 per metre per month


Monthly Mudberth

12 per metre per month

Monthly Mooring

12 per metre per month


Lift and hold in slings/hoist for scrub off or survey

20 per metre (Minimum charge 100)

Hauling Out/Launching      

18 per metre (Minimum charge 100) each way

Pontoon storage for tenders longer than 3 metres

90 per metre per annum

Crane Hire – mast lift including un-step and step by boatyard staff

From 125 each way

Crane hire – hourly charge for machinery lift/engine lift/ self mast removal

75 per hour (rate can be negotiated for extended periods e.g. overnight)

Boatyard staff labour charge

45 per hour


Haul out/launch will be invoiced separately once booked.  Length of boat is rounded up to the nearest half metre.